Stanislav Babich

Stanislav Babich

General coordinator

National coordinator of Russia

Fax: +81 2-3142336
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Center for Nature and Environment of Palace of childrens (youthul) creativity

Contact person: Galina Zelenkovskia
Phone: 8-921-771-2251
Address: Saint-Petersburg, Pushkin, Pushkinskaya str. 28/21 , 196601

Centre of Environmental Education

Contact person: Olga Steshina
Phone: 7-812-783-53-12
Address: ul. Kronschtadtskaya 7A, Saint-Petersburg, 198096, Russia

Saint-Petersburg's City Centre of Editional Education

Contact person: Marina Iashkina
Phone: 7-812-310-43-67
Address: pl. Ostrovskogo 2A, Saint-Petersburg, 191011, Russia

School No 7

Contact person: Svetlana Shopotova
Phone: 7-960-282-62-69
Address: 4-mikroraion, Tixvin, Leningradskay oblast 187550, Russia

School No 8 “Center of Education”

Contact person: Oksana Mavliutova
Phone: 8-813-7133325
Address: Izotova 17, Gatchina, Leningradskay oblast 188309, Russia

School  No 179

Contact person: Anna Obuhovskaya
Phone: 7-812-531-45-65
Address: ul. Ushinskogo 35-2, Saint-Petersburg, 195267, Russia

School  No 358

Contact person: Irina Trofimova
Phone: 7-921-573-11-07
Address: ul. Kuznetcovskaya 20-2, Saint-Petersburg, 196128, Russia

School  No 389

Contact person: Larisa Vasekina
Phone: 7-812-7835112
Address: ul. Kronschtadtskaya 7, Saint-Petersburg, 198096, Russia

School  No 639

Contact person: Irina Krilova
Phone: 7-812-440-17-07
Address: nab. reki Okkervil' 10, Saint-Petersburg, 193231, Russia

Urban Development Centre of additional education

Contact person: Alla Kolganova
Phone: (812) 310-68-92
Address: 191011, Saint-Petersburg, Ostrovskogo 2Б, 5 porch, 3-6 floor.