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Water quality in the Baltic Sea

The condition of the sea is primarily determined by investigating the living organisms in the water and sediment.

Programme coordinator

Ms Gedy Siimenson

Foundation Tartu Environmental Education Centre

Lille10, Tartu 51010, Estonia


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Programme is upgrading! Soon a new version will come!

More information ask from coordinator  Søren Levring.


Phone:+372 5878 7655

BSP Coast Watch

Coastwatch BSP is a programm to study animals, plants and aspects of human impacts on the seashore. The program is suitable for all ages of students.

Programme coordinator

Mr Peter Uhl Pedersen
Birkevang 303,
3250 Gilleleje,


Air Quality

Estimation of air quality by bioindicators. In the air quality studies fir-trees and lichens are used as Bioindicators.


Looking for a NEW programme coordinator!

Send your reports to your national coordinator.

Phenological studies

Pupils study the first sign of spring.
Programme coordinator
Ms Ingrida Meškinytė    
Lithuanian Centre of non-formal youth education
Natural Ecological Education Devision Supervisor
Džiaugsmo st. 44, 
LT 11302 Vilnius, Lithuania
tel.  +370 5 267 1912

Bird Ecology

  1. Long-term monitoring the abundance of breeding birds
  2. A count of waterbirds washed ashore and
  3. A count of Midwinter waterbirds.

Looking for NEW programme coordinator!

Send report to your national coordinator.

Environmental measurements

Common environmental researches in the whole BSP area.

Programme coordinator

Ms Hanna Numminen


Address: Porin Lyseon lukio

Annankatu 5, 28100 Pori, Finland