BSP national camp in Estonia is open for partner countries to join

BSP national camp in Estonia is open for partner countries to join

The BSP national camp in Estonia will be held from 24.-26.08 for 35 students aged 15-18. The team is open for any BSP partner country to join our camp (with your own costs). 
The registration will be closed 17th of August:

The main topics addressed are:

* What is MUNESCO?

*How United Nations work?

* How well have Estonian schools reached SDG's?

* Researching air quality in Põlva county.

* Researching lakes and rivers.

* Discovering osmosis, difusion and salinity through cucumber workshop.

* Constructing Arduino UNO weather station for environmental research.

* Working with plastics in the ocean and how to solve the problem.

* Local clean-up for better environmental health.

* BSP as officcial UNESCO ASPnet environmental programme in Estonia.


For more info, please contact Estonian national BSP coordinator.

Plogging - pick up a new healthy and environmental friendly hobby!

Plogging - pick up a new healthy and environmental friendly hobby!

Plogging is a combination of jogging with picking up litter (Swedish:  plocka upp). It started as an organised activity in Sweden around 2016 and spread to other countries in 2018, following increased concern about plastic pollution.
As a workout, it provides variation in body movements by adding bending, squatting and stretching to the main action of running.
Invitation to participate in

Invitation to participate in "Let´s Take Care of the Planet" 3. European Youthconference in Portugal May 21st -25th 2018

The “Let’s Take Care of the Planet” project was born out of the initiative of the Brazilian Ministry of Education, which organised the first International Youth Conference in Brasilia, in June 2010. Monde Pluriel, the initiator of the European “Let’s Take Care of the Planet” process, has coordinated a network of around 15 countries in Europe since 2009. Two years after the International Conference in Brasilia, Monde Pluriel organised the first European Youth Conference,. A second European Conference was organized in 2015 in Brussels where the youngsters co-wrote a Call for co-responsibility which was valorized in the Climate Generation Room of COP 21, in Paris.

BSP webquiz 2017 results

This year's WebQuiz is now ended.

We had 808 participants from 7 different countries and 40 different schools.

The individual results (points) and the prizes can be found here:

BSP coordinators meet in Vilnius

BSP coordinators meet in Vilnius

During a weekend from 24.-26.November, 7 coordinators (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Russia) sat together once again to give overview of the BSP's situation in their country, plan future activities and agree on different platforms to make BSP programmes more userfriendly and unique for students/teachers who have joined in this network to investigate the nature of the Baltic Sea for more sustainable development and for better global understanding of our surroundings.  The coordinators shared common need to focus on the 17 goals of the ESD (education for sustainablke development) and keep an integrated view point to GCED (global citisenship education). All coordinators agreed that we have contributed to the ESD for many year but we need to me more visual about it. That's why we will develop our programmes with straight links to ESD and GCED in the future and share more stories how our school network is working towards the goals.