Scientific students´conference for GLOBE and BSP participants in Vilnius (15.-16.November, 2019)

Scientific students´conference for GLOBE and BSP participants in Vilnius (15.-16.November, 2019)

On November 15-16, in Vilnius, Lithuania was held scientific students´ conference for GLOBE and Baltic Sea Project participants.

During the opening ceremony, Giedra Gurevičiūtė Demereckienė and Amy Reichert from the US Embassy came to welcome the participants. Because Lithuania is very active in collecting phenology data, Lenka Kleger, Phenology Campaign Coordinator for Europe and Eurasia, also congratulated the conference participants by video call. To this conference came almost 100 participants from all Lithuania. Schools presented sent oral presentations and posters of their completed works.

Participants presentations were evaluated by a judges - a group of experienced teachers consisting of Rasytė Gaidienė, Regina Talačkienė and Genutė Kuzmickienė. After all presentations and discussion of the first day, event continued by visiting the Museum of Zoology at Vilnius University. There, with the help of Dr. Grita Skujienė and PhD Viktorija Kuznecova, they learnt a lot about both the Baltic sea and other wonders of Lithuanian nature. The second day of the event started with a video call from Finland. We were welcomed by Aira Undén-Selander, Coordinator of Finland, currently coordinating the Baltic Sea Project.

After hearing eleven presentations of the second day, students and teachers travelled to the Planetarium at Vilnius University. PhD Aidas Sadauskas was already waiting for us here. He introduced the ways in which each student can contribute to exploring the environment and space. And when the darkest darkness come into the hall, he also introduced us with the space objects seen at this time of year. Finally, after sharing the prices and diplomas, all participants of the conference travelled back to their cities all over Lithuania. We are happy and proud of our teachers and students, who are working on more and more complex topics are increasingly collaborating between schools and getting stronger every year!

Author: Gretè Vaicaityte, Lithuanian BSP national coordinator


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