International integrated conference on environmental studies and English in Lithuania, 06.05.2019

The aim of the conference is to improve the academic, linguistic and general competences of the students, presenting work related to research activities.

The conference will be held at Prienai ‘Žiburys‘ Gymnasium on 6 May at 10 a. m. (1 J. Basanavičius Street).

PARTICIPANTS: Students of grades 7-12 can take part in the conference of Lithuanian and foreign general education schools; BSP School Students and their Supervisors.

Up to 4 students can attend a conference of the same school with no more than two presentations; the number of listeners is not limited.


CONFERENCE PROGRAMME: Presentations in English will be given online using the Zoom application. The agenda of the conference will be announced no later than 23 April.


REQUIREMENTS FOR PRESENTATIONS: Students present their research work: observation of natural sciences, experiments and research. Presentations are available in English or in Lithuanian.

Each presentation should indicate the purpose, tasks, main results and conclusions of the work. 1-2 students give a presentation for up to 7 minutes.


Participants of the conference should register at the conference by filling in the application form by April 8 by e-mail: All participants will receive certificates.


Registration form is here.


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