BSP national coordinators meeting in Finland, 32.01-01.02.2019

BSP national coordinators meeting in Finland, 32.01-01.02.2019

UNESCO BSP Helsinki 2019 coordinators meeting was held in Helsinki 31 January - 2 February 2019.

Meeting´s programme included:

Thursday, 31 January

09:00  Welcome to the Finnish National Agency of Education (Edufi)

Welcome addresses by Mr Jorma Kauppinen, Director (EDUFI) and Ms Kati Anttalainen, Finnish National Commission for Unesco

09:20   UNESCO BSP Helsinki 2019 – overview over the programme

Ms Tuula Väisänen Principal, and Ms Aira Undén-Selander, Coordinator

09:40   Education Towards 2030: what competences for a sustainable future

Short introduction to current curriculum development in Finland with focus on global education (Ms Paula Mattila, Finnish national Unesco school coordinator, EDUFI )         

  • Developing a competence-based approach for the UNESCO BSP applying the UNESCO ASPNet strategy:
  • Constructing pedagogy / ideas for practices in teams using a gallery walk approach with special focus on student agency

12:00 Lunch

13:00 How to support sharing best practices. Afternoon program facilitated by Ms Tiina Sarisalmi, Unesco schools coordinator for EDUFI

Studying best practices padlet in teams:  short introduction to topic,  team work,  discussing practises,  commenting practices: what transversal competences are needed and developed,  picking the ones that have most potential for dissemination.

Example on a Good Practice in Oulu: Agenda of Hope / Jussi Tomberg 

How to support collaboration as a resource: UNESCO BSP teachers, students and schools working together

  • short introduction to topic, team work, GDE path from early childhood education to secondary education (and further), competences needed and developed in collaboration, locating and creating networks of teachers, students and schools locally and nationally (including administration, NGOs, research centres etc.), locating and creating multinational networks of expertise, considering multinational projects, eTwinning, Erasmus+ and Nordplus (+ possible national funding)

How to support effective dissemination of practices, results and resources across all UNESCO BSP schools and UNESCO ASPNet schools

15:30 Reporting and conclusions from teams

16.00 End of 1st Conference day, c ultural programme


Friday, 1 February

09:00  Welcome at Finnish-Russian School - principal Tuula Väisänen

09:15 Feedback, reflections and conclusions of the first day

09:45 What will the new UNESCO BSP look like.  Conclusions from Riga,  Main objectives 2019 - 2021,  Main activities,  Update of organisational structure,  teams and task forces.

12:00 Lunch

13:00 What will the new UNESCO BSP look like.  Next steps.                                                             

14:00 Coffee break

14:30  Education Towards 2030.  UNESCO BSP and Future Priorities in spirit of Agenda 2030

16:00 End of the conference




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