BSP WebQuiz 2018 is open to participate

BSP WebQuiz 2018 is open to participate

The UNESCO Baltic Sea Project's WebQuiz volume 6 is ready for students all over Baltic Sea region to participate!

*The quiz is in English and meant for students from 13 to 18 years.
*Teachers may also take the quiz but should mark (*teacher) behind their name.
*You need computer with headphones and video possibility, Inthernet, and some research skills to score in BSP WebQuiz 2018!
*You have 60 minutes to answer 10 questions. Questions have been formed by different Baltic Sea Project teachers from different countries and one question is formed by a Japan professor from Sophia University.
*You can only take the test once because we will count your first entry.
*The quiz can be found from here:
*The quiz is open till 17.december.
*The international prizes will be given out in January 2019. Some national prizes may also be pointed to some students.

The quiz is organized by Tartu Nature House (Estonian BSP coordinator) and funded by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.


Have fun learning about the Baltic Sea region and environment!


More info:

Gedy siimenson

gedy.siimenson( a t )

National BSP coordinator


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