International camp in Aarø, Denmark, from 3rd to 9th September 2017

International camp in Aarø, Denmark, from 3rd to 9th September 2017

Dear interested teachers and students in the BSP,

BSP Germany and the Robert-Bosch-Gesamtschule in Hildesheim would like to invite you to attend our International Baltic Sea Summer Camp from the 3 rd to the 9 th of September, 2017 . Attached is a brochure with general information, so you can get an idea about what this camp is going to be like. This letter is going to provide you with the hard facts, so that all those W-questions get answered. If you are interested in attending this camp please get in touch with your country’s BSP-Coordinator.

Registration and Costs


The number of students from each Baltic Sea country is limited to 6, but each country will have a waiting list as well, in case more spots open up!


The cost of the camp:

-      Participants from Finland, Sweden, Denmark or Germany pay 210 Euros.

-      Participants from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia or Russia pay 150 Euros.

-      Students and teachers pay the same amount.

-      Deposit per participant of 50 Euros (due May 5 th).


The only things not covered by this cost are transportation to the island (we do however pay for the ferry from Årøsund to Årø) and of course the personal items you will need during your week long stay on Årø.


We would like to involve as many students as possible in this camp, therefore we have set the deadline for registration as the 30 th of April, 2017. Up to this date each coordinator should have sent a list of participants to Nick Krichevsky, the camp director, and have taken care that the full deposit for all participants has been transferred.


Camp Organization


Students will be living in large military tents which can room up to 6-8 people. The accompanying teachers and workshop/project supervisors will be put up in wooden cabins with room for 3-4 people. A team of voluntary parents and students from the Robert-Bosch-Gesamtschule will be running the kitchen and keeping everyone well fed. All the participants should plan on arriving on the evening of September 3 rd, by 7pm . During the entire week, the students will be working on a larger group project in the morning and taking part in workshops and free-time activities during the afternoon. Every evening after dinner a different group activity will take place for everyone to take part in. The projects will be presented on Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning, September 9 th , it will be time for departure .




Pack List


What you will need to bring with you:

-      Everything essential for camping in a tent!

-      Sleeping bag, foam mattress, towel, bathing suit, warm clothing, rubber boots (if you have them) and rain gear

-      School utensils (pens, notebook, calculator, ruler, etc.)


Additional Information


-      We will have a 9-passenger bus available so that if you are arriving by bus/train/ferry, we can schedule to pick you up from a destination nearby.

-      Teachers interested in offering a week-long project or a work shop should get in contact with Dennis, our Project Manager, ASAP. For offering workshops or a project we will be able to refund a part of your registration fee and it is possible to apply for funding for the materials needed for the project/workshop you have in mind.

-      Additional information regarding which projects and workshops will be available and a general timetable for the week will be sent out when we have more information regarding the final number of participants.

-      Still wondering where this is all supposed to take place?

Aarø 260, 6100 Haderslev, Denmark (Google will find it for you!)

-      Ready to sign up? Then get ahold of your countries BSP-Coordinator and let them know that you are interested in taking part in this great internation and intercultural experience!


We are looking forward to a successful camp next September!


Nicolai Krichevsky              Dr. Dennis Stahl             Martin Jarrath

Camp Director                          Project and Workshop Manager      BSP-Coordinator Germany

+49 179 911 2410                     +49 162 904 0750                     +45 71 70 60 08               


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