BSP conference about water quality in St.Petersburg

BSP conference about water quality in St.Petersburg

On 29th November 2016 there was a student BSP conference about water quality in St.Petersburg school number 179.

You can find some Estonian student memories about the trip down below.

Thanks to Estonian Ministry of Education and Research 3 students and one teacher from Estonia could participate in the St Petersburg student conference.

"We arrived to the city's Baltic station with a bus on 28th to get to know the students and the city a bit more before the conference. Mister Babich had arranged her student, Alya, to meet us and help them to get safely to the State University of Economics where we met mister Babich who took us for brunch. All the professors at the university seemed to be very nice and friendly. It was great to be in the old building that had hold all Russian gold at the times of empire. The ceiling windows seemed also very majestetic whith the light coming down through many floors. At the Lyceum 179 people were also friendly and easy-going. The conference was quite big, letting many students to present their research. There was one girl who talked about her research on the Gulf on Finland, 2 other students described their research about human ears and hearing and showed their patented inventions. We, the Estonian students talked about Estonian water quality overall, then gave closer view about Tartu situation and then showed the results of their water studies from camps. We also talked about studying in Estonia and shared some estonian candy with the hosts.We had a great time and we are thankful for Tartu Nature House for organizing the BSP trip for us."


Tartu Kristjan Jaak Petersoni Gümnaasium - teacher Tiina Sõber and students Patrick Antonjuk (11c), Triine- Mirell Ämarik (12c), Alex Savolainen (11e).  




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