BSP WebQuiz 2016 is NOW open!

BSP WebQuiz 2016 is NOW open!

All schools can take the quiz but only the Baltic Sea Project school students will be able to win some prizes.

Before starting the web Quiz you need to know few things:

1) All contact info must be correct - participant name, country and school name. Otherwise you can not receive the prizes.

2) All questions should be answered in the correct line. Because if you do answer first correctly and click forward to the second one, then you can not go back to change the first one. So, be sure of your answers because you can not correct them afterwards!
3) The quiz has a time limit for 60 minutes. But it actually might just take 30-45 minutes to complete.
4) Before taking the quiz, you need to make sure you have internet connection, headphones ready because there will be some questions with video clips and sound files.
5) Each correct answer gives 10 points, total you can get 100 points.
6) Each teacher can also take te quiz for fun or to test it before making a school lesson with it but doing so, please add after your name this: *(teacher). It is very important that we can later see them separately from the student answers.
7) The best 25 will get a prize, prizes will be given to each country (depending on correct answers and participants per country). Prizes will be sent in the time perion December 2016-January 2017.
8) The correct answers and the scores will be published in BSP webpage after the Quiz in December (
9) If possible, please collect feedback from students about the webquiz: what did they like, was it interesting, what can be different, what should the prizes be, how they would grade and pick the winners. You may also write the feedback here in Facebook.

Ready to go? You can use this link to get started: 


Have a good time making the quiz!

In case of any questions, contact the organizer:


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