BSP post-crossing campaign "We are Connected!"

BSP post-crossing campaign

The Baltic Sea Project of UNESCO ASP Network has almost 200 schools involved in its annual activities: BSP observations, school projects, national & international seminars, camps, contests, conferences. To encourage students to make international contacts, share their opinions and invite other schools to take part in their activities we are launching an international BSP post-crossing campaign which also promotes using BSP homepage, our Facebook page and our biggest event coming in 5-8 th of June in Tallinn, Estonia - “BSP’s 9 th International Conference: Science of Changes”. The pictures on the post cards are chosen from BSP's last year drawing contest "Gulf of Finland - the coast and habitants".

Rules of the campaign:

  • Each national coordinator has received a pack of postcards which they will disseminate between BSP schools in their country.
  • Teachers who have received the post cards from national coordinators will give them out for BSP students who would like to take part.
  • Students will choose the message (new idea, message, invitation, facts etc.) they want to send over the Baltic Sea.
  • Students will visit BSP homepage: (Homepage -> About BSP -> Schools) and they will choose a country and a concrete school or schools they want to send the message to.
  • When a school receives this BSP post card, students will take a picture of the message they got & will post it on BSP’s Facebook page:
  • When posting this picture in Facebook, please also add the name & country of the sending and receiving school. We will count the pictures posted on Facebook.
  • Students who are involved in sending the card may tag themselves on the picture.
  • Sending time lasts till the BSP international conference – till the beginning of June.


Suggestion for the senders:

  • When you are about to send the card, please take the picture of the message and save it. Just in case – the snail-mail can be tricky!


Hopefully you will continue using these new contacts you made during this



With any questions or problems, please write to: gedy.siimenson @


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