Project coordinators meeting, January 2015

Project coordinators meeting, January 2015

The Baltic Sea Project coordinators will meet from January 30 - February 1, 2015 in Tallinn, Estonia.


  1. Programm consist: lecture and workshop about sustainable development (by Tallinn University Institute of Ecology, Rea Raus), digital programs development, new about newsletter, each counrty situation overviews, discussion about next international conference where Estonia gives over the coordinaton, intriduction of Agenda 21  conference, ovierview of ESD conference in Japana, analyzed of Seed Money prosess, preparations of new projects, e-residence in Estonia, post-crossing campaign.

Counrties representatives introduced new coordinators.

Participants made agreement that the project coordinaton will go over to St. Petersburg University of Economics, Russia in June 2015.


Group picture is made by Martin Jarrath.

More information: Gedy Siimenson


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