Teacher training materials and agendas

Programme from Estonian Teacher training, February 7-10, 2013

Baltic Sea languages

Baltic languages cards

Presentation "Upstream and downstream the Okhta river in St Petersburg. The start of an environmental history investigation". Petrova I.V. Research made by Goncharuk B., Gevorgyan B. (Lyceum 179, St-Petersburg, Russia).

Presentation "Brain ring. Animals and birds"


Hideki Maruyama research "Challenges of UNESCO ASPnet: a Comparative View between the Baltic Sea Project and Japanese ASPnet".

UNESCO ASPnet and BSP schoolteachers meeting in Tartu, Estonia on 4th of October 2017

UNESCO ASPnet and BSP schoolteachers meeting in Tartu, Estonia on 4th of October 2017

This year Estonian UNESCO ASPnet and BSP coordinators decided to make a joint teacher seminar. This hopefully leads to better cooperation and a structural change whereas all BSP schools will also be UNESCO ASPnet schools. This means that at the moment BSP Estonian schools had their own criteria to join the network but in the future all BSP schools (30 schools) and UNESCO schools (14) will belong under UNESCO ASPnet officially and each will choose 2-3 topics/programmes every year to still be activately in the network and get the benefits like international camps, teacher seminars etc. Each school cab choose if to do BSP programmes or pick UNESCO Nat.Com. topics to arrange their early activities.


During the meeting each school introduced one main event at their school on 2017. Then all gave the votes for the 8 best ides they wanted to know more about. The chosen 8 were given extra time to talk about their events, management etc.

All teacher took part of the CITES learning programme designed for high school students by Foundation Tartu Environmental Centre (aka Tartu Nature House). The workshop leader was Tiina Lilleleht, a teacher from Tartu Nature House.

Also, together new plans were discussed and introduced, so in the future ASPnet schools in Estonia could work together.



The organizers of this meeting were:

Mai Aasjõe - UNESCO ASPnet Estonian coordinator (mai.aasjoe (at) mondo.org.ee)
Gedy Siimenson - UNESCO BSP Estonian coordinator (gedy.siimenson (at) teec.ee)


Many thanks goes to the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research who is the main funding sourse for Estonian UNESCO network schools activities.