Events in 2018





February   International coordinator's Skype meeting, 28.Feb
March   Danich UNESCO ASPnet school's national meeting, 15.-16.March
April   BSP's 29th birthday!  /   National BSP teachers seminar, 27.April*
May   BSP international coordinator's meeting in Riga, 24.-25.May*
June   BSP students shadowing scientists in Estonia*
July  BSP students shadowing scientists in Estonia*
August   The national BSP science camp*
September  International BSP conference " Global Citizen 2030" from 18.-21.September in Damp / BSP national coordinators meeting in Damp on 21-st September
September   Estonian UNESCO ASPnet and BSP teacher seminar, 29.-30.September*
October  The 6th international BSP WebQuiz!  
November   The 6th international BSP WebQuiz!  
  BSP schools's Flashmob for Climate Conference COP24 (Poland initiative)
 December  Sending the prizes of the 6th international BSP WebQuiz

* Local event

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