Calendar 2007

March 15 th - 16 th Annual meeting for Associated School Project Denmark
April 16 th - 19 th Baltic Sea Project Conference “Vision and tradition”, Stockholm and Nacka Sweden
May 1 th Deadline for Newsletter No. 1/2007  
May 4 th Opening of the exposition of the Baltic Sea Project (BSP) Self-expression Contest „The Values of Biological Variety in the Youth Environment”, Vilnius Lithuania
May 9 th Agenda 21 conference “One world, one globe-GLOBALISATION… near you?” Germany
May 25 th - 31 th Annual Meri-Pori Environmental Camp School Finland
September 25 th Annual meeting of BSP-Finland at the Finnish Marine Research Institute Finland
September 29 th - 30 th Consulting meeting for organizers of the BSP schools summer camp “Borders Regions” Germany
October 1 th Deadline for Newsletter No. 2/2007  
October 18 th - 28 th Excursion for 15 BSP schools in Denmark from Kaliningrad (Russia) to St. Petersburg (Russia) Denmark
November 8 th - 10 th The 20th Consulting Meeting for BSP National Coordinators and BSP Program Coordinators Lithuania

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